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D-Link is a reputed brand for offering broadband and wireless router services, VoIP equipments and network storage system. They have a wide range of routers which is an important part of Wi-Fi internet connectivity. However, there are many IT support companies that don't offer solution that you are looking for rather they confuse you with technical jingo's.

 D-link support service Support Services
We offer a wide array of Linksys router support services at cost effective rates. These services entail:
›› Installation of router
›› Solve security concerns related to router
›› IP address conflicts
›› Configuration of router
›› Troubleshoot all errors related to router
›› Solution for Slow internet connectivity

Our solutions are apt for individual businessman, companies and multi national corporation. What makes us set apart from our competitor is- our knowledgeable and trained staff, who are there to resolve your queries almost instantly.

Services we provide

Business Support- Our certified representatives are ready to provide you full support through online services, email or via phone. Our anti virus experts as well as third party technicians are committed to provide the highest level of technical support at affordable rates. We understand that you want your business to work, no matter what circumstances are. We take pride in offering industry leading anti virus support technology to small and medium term business enterprise in a way that it is powerful enough to safeguard you against all the threats.

In this arena of e-commerce, almost 50% of the businesses are victims of cyber attack and the number is growing phenomenally year by year. With our anti virus support system and detection technology, you will be able to defend your computer against latest viruses and spyware as soon as they appear. Needless to mention, our anti virus support system will block potentially hazardous website and message based phishing attacks while safeguarding the data leakage, data loss and system downtime. Within few clicks, you will be protected.

Home Support- Aside from business anti-virus solution, we offer technological support to individuals also. Whether it is about protecting Internet Explorer against settings changed by malware or scanning and cleaning rogue wares and other potentially dangerous software from your PC or isolating infected and suspicious files, our support system helps you against all such things. It also provides report on various critical issues like email protection, scan technology, memory scan, quick update, registry restore, boot time scanner, anti malware scanner, firewall protection, memory scan, etc. With our services, we guarantee you peace of mind!

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A virus is a potential hazard for your business. At Tecnilogos, we help you to defend your business.

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